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The Promise of Joy

We understand that jewelry is about you. That perfect isn’t a standard but a feeling unique to each of us. And we know that “unique” can’t be duplicated. That’s why at JoyJewel every stone is chosen for you, every angle and curve is designed for you, and every piece is you. The promise of joy is the promise that the first time you wear your new jewel, it will feel like it was always a part of you. Let us help you...

find  your Joy

The JoyJewel Way

Knowing what you want does not mean you can find it alone and even the most seasoned jewelry owner can need help along the way. Whether you are buying your first piece or adding to a collection, JoyJewel is happy to provide personal consulting at every step and guide you through our wide selection of precious gemstones. Our dedication to customers doesn’t stop at design and service; JoyJewel offers competitive pricing and will make sure your budget doesn’t stop you from finding your Joy.

The JoyJewel way is also about conscience and credibility. We only offer gemstones that have been assessed and certified as genuine, legally traded, and ethically sourced. We submit every stone to stringent analysis or grading processes by globally recognised laboratories. Our metals undergo an equally stringent process to be certain of optimum purity and the complete absence of pollutants.

Our way is our reputation.
Our way is Joy.

JoyJewel Quality

The perfect custom creation requires the perfect stone, and every gemstone in our supply is of the highest quality. Each JoyJewel diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald receives an independent grading report from internationally recognised laboratories.

Our laboratory partners include:

  • Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
  • Hoge Raad voor Diamont (HRD)
  • Gubelin Gemological Laboratories
  • Swiss Gemological Institute (SSEF)
  • Gem Research Swisslab (GRS)
  • International Gemological Institute (IGI)

These globally-recognised authorities use the most stringent grading standards at gemological laboratories around the world and all of our gemstones must meet strict requirements for colour and clarity. Each diamond is colourless to near-colourless, graded from D to J, with exceptional clarity grades from FL to SI2. A standard we apply to our side stones as well as our centre stones.

JoyJewel Responsibility

Every stone has a history and the perfect stone has a history that reflects who you are. We want you to wear your jewelry as a statement of what you value. Diamonds that fund violence and conflict in the world’s most socially depressed countries have no place on a Joy jewel and fall far short of your standards. We are committed to taking all measures possible to ensure that our inventory is conflict-free.

JoyJewel only purchases gemstones through the Kimberley Process and from our trusted partners. You can learn more about Kimberley certification here: www.kimberleyprocess.com.
As a custom jeweler, we can also take additional time with each stone to do our own due diligence on its history. We take this responsibility very seriously and regularly survey every part of our supply chain for any sign of corruption or black-market interference. JoyJewel has zero tolerance for unethically sourced diamonds.