frequently asked questions

My order will be a gift for someone special.‭ ‬How do you handle this‭?
Please let us know if your order is a gift.‭ ‬We will wrap it beautifully and ship it by insured mail.

Will I be able to have the size of my ring adjusted‭?
JoyJewel offers the‭ ‬service to have the size of your ring adjusted.‭
However,‭ ‬this service is‭ ‬not available for‭ ‬some‭ ‬certain‭ ‬design.

Can I have JoyJewel jewelry engraved‭?
JoyJewel engraves JoyJewel creations provided there is a large enough surface available and there would be no risk of damaging the piece.

How can you assist me for jewelry consulting‭?
We offer free lifetime senior jewelry consulting services.

Do you have a return policy‭?
We have a‭ ‬30‭ ‬days unconditional return policy.
Please find it at the link here.

My jewelry is damaged.‭ ‬What can I do‭?
Please contact us,‭ ‬we will assist you and repair your damaged jewelry.

How to maintain my jewelry‭?
We offer you regular maintenance free for life.
Our professional craftsmen will carefully check whether the stones are firmly inlaid and make it thoroughly cleaned and refurbished.

How can I care for my jewelry?
Please visit our JoyJewel Care section.